Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a thought.

This is just a thought not a rant. I remember when I was a kid living on a farm and old enough to help my grandfather around the farm preparing the fields for when the time came to plant the seeds.

My job was first to harness the horses then get the manure wagon out and go to the barn and load it up. Then I would, of course, go to the fields and spread it all over, including the gardens. This was all new to me so I asked him why we had to spread all this stinking stuff on the fields?

His answer was that this is what we call fertilizing the earth to make it richer to feed the seeds so we can have a good crop.

This morning, for  some reason or other I started thinking about that and then it dawned on me. If that manure was to enrich the Earth then the seeds would be nourished by that same Earth that I spread all this manure on what exactly am I eating???

Like I said just a thought.  Have a good day.

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