Monday, December 19, 2011

Third World War

A Third World War?  I don’t like thinking about stuff like this because it would be death and suffering the world over. And I mean suffering for the ones that would not be killed.

According to the news that I read about all these Dictators (meaning Iran and North Korea) it's certainly a possibility though.  In the case of , North Korea if they decided to attack South Korea then the USA will defend South Korea.  Of course then  China will get involve because they would not want the USA to be on their border and North Korea is still an ally.  With China and the USA involved a Third World War is almost a fait accomplis.

Then there is also Iran and the greatest instigator of them all - Ahmadinejad. It seems like he’s doing his best to aggravate the USA to attack them because of the statements that he comes out with its as if he had the biggest army and the most deadliest weapons in the world.

While he keeps on saying he’s not trying to build a bomb actually he could have another place underground working towards building one. Another nation that could and might decide to blow up his nuke centers would be Israel - for their own protection.  While all this diplomacy talk, his nuke experts could be trying to build a bomb. I think its about time that something is done because eventually he will have his bomb then it will be too late for diplomacy. Diplomacy is good to a certain extent, but a time comes when diplomacy is not working then it's action that is needed and in this case the sooner the better - before its to late.

That’s my rant for today.

I will not be posting any thing during the Holidays, so this is probably my last post for the year.  If it is, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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