Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Above the law.

Are the police and taxi drivers above the law?

We all know that while driving we are not allowed to have a hand-held telephone or anything that would distract a driver from driving safely. Now what I’m wondering is this - are the police above the law? Because what happens when they have to enter a license plate number on their computer while they are driving? I ask this because most of the time I only see one policeman in the patrol car and that is the driver. I know when getting a message from the station they use their shoulder microphone to answer. What about when they receive a call from the station and given a plate number and they have to mark it down? I’m sure that in heavy traffic they will not pull over and mark it down.

The only way to show the people that the police are not above the law is to have two policeman in a patrol car. This would also be more security for the officers on patrols.

What about the taxi drivers when they get a call from the dispatcher? They have to reach over and pick up their microphone and sometimes the driver doesn't know where to go to get to the address that is their destination. They stay on until they get some instruction from the dispatcher on how to get there. I’m not suggesting that there be two in the car for these guys. But they should be equipped with a map of the city and pull over and find where they are suppose to go.

Really the point is a law isn't a legitimate law if doesn't apply to everyone equally. And in the case of police, they really should be serving as role models when it comes to obeying the law.

That's my rant today.

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