Friday, April 25, 2014

Procrastinators, just plain lazy or just don’t care?

A couple of days ago I read about the dangers of mishandling pure nicotine. I would suggest that before buying anything that includes something like pure nicotine you can buy in a bottle, you go to Google and read up on it first. On Google there is all kinds of information on that subject.

First of all, nicotine comes from the tobacco plant, and it is a sort of pesticide. It’s the only protection that this plant has to protect itself against the bugs that would try to eat it. According to information available on Google, farmers uses nicotine to spread on their fields. In other words if this nicotine was prescribed by a doctor, on the label it would state, keep away from children. It would have to be treated just like the medical prescription that you get from a drugstore.

I read on Facebook that a pet dog licked up nicotine from a bottle that was on the floor and sadly, the pet died. This nicotine is dangerous if not handled properly. It is used in e-cigarettes but mixed with something else and comes in different strength staring from 24 mg. down to zero.  The problem is not e-cigarettes.  So those in the United States and Canada who are arguing for the banning and/or regulation of e-cigarettes are procrastinators for not investigating the truth behind their ill-informed opinions or they are just too lazy to investigate properly, or maybe they just don't care about whether their opinions are based on facts.

Of course children shouldn't be exposed to a nicotine product cigarettes, or e-cigarettes.  But to go overboard and ban the product is the result of a weakly understood product that deserves a second look before the panic starts.

That is my rant for the day. 

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