Thursday, April 24, 2014

Me, grouchy?

Men over 70 get grouchy? No, normally men over 70 are not necessarily more grouchy than anyone else, but I believe that men over 70 might get grouchy because of people making stupid statements like this one:
Psychologists interviewed more than 1,000 men repeatedly between 1989 and 2004 and found they had fewer 'hassles' as they got older and daily life became simpler.

Yet their overall happiness then reduced around the age of 70 for a huge range of reasons, the scientists found.
This link was sent to me by a friend yesterday. It made me feel grumpy. Now, I could be only 20 or 30 or any age older, and if someone stepped on a lawn that I had just slaved over to make look good I'd be yes, grumpy about it. If some dummy comes and walks all over it for no reason, just to use it as a short cut to wherever they are going sure, I’ll yell, but it doesn't mean that I’m grouchy all the time. That’s just like if your painting and someone comes and puts their hand on it without thinking, are you going to hug that person and say "you did good"? No.

And just because a senior (of 70 or older) yells at a person that would do something like that he would be considered as grouchy?

Hey I would say that I grouchy right now, because someone is being paid to make stupid statements like that. Well I guess what they’re doing is about what their intelligence can handle, so they'd better watch they don’t lose that job or else it could be welfare time for them.

By the way I’m 79. Do you think I’m grouchy for writing something like this? If you have any comments on what I just wrote, I’ll be glad to read them. And if they aren't too foolish, I'll even answer back. But watch yourself. There could be grouchy people around and they might yell -- better get earmuffs.

Have a good and grouch-free day.

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