Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Root of the problem

In the western world the root of most problems seems to be money.  But in the third world countries it's religion.
I was just reading Fox News and I happened to notice an article about this family in Egypt (a mother and her seven children) who were sentenced to fifteen years in prison for converting from Islam to Christianity.
Not too long ago, I read in the news that some people wanted to bring this law into Canada. I would say that if you have faith in what you believe in that’s fine. But to bring this kind of law into Canada I would say there would not be any more politeness from us Canadians. I am sure that this would cause a big problem. Some Canadian laws have been changed to accommodate different cultures but going to the extent of bringing that kind of religion would be a little too much.  If it was brought in here then this country would become just as bad as the third world countries.  Canada would be Christians against Islam just like in many Middle Eastern countries. This country is not a killing field of innocent people because of their belief.  We would be justified in resisting it.
Sharia law can stay where it is - where fanatics can kill innocent people and raise their fist in the air and say God is great. Can you imagine not only the mother but also the kids in Egypt in prison? What a bunch of crazies to treat people that way.
That’s my little rant of the day.

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