Sunday, September 29, 2013

To the citizens of the USA

I never thought that a time would come that I would say I feel bad about what is happening to your country. On Election Day you elected a man to lead your country not only once but twice. He was elected by you people in good faith and trust to lead your country to prosperity. Well that person that you put your faith and trust in is leading your country to bankruptcy instead of prosperity

This man has ruined the reputation of your nation abroad. Since I’ve retired every morning I read all the news that I can find on every site that I can, and from what I’ve been reading according to everything that has been reported as to what this person has or has not done it amazes me to see how much patience most of you people have to still keep this person as your leader.

He is a big joke of the world leaders. They have no respect for him and they certainly don’t believe him. They definitely don’t fear him because they know that he’s all for diplomacy but takes no action even if diplomacy fails. I imagine they read the news they listen to the news they know about the lies and the lack of honor in his administration about the scandals the cover ups. He’s sabotaging the nation with the spending spree that he went on then the military cuts the nation has had to make because of that spree.  Those cuts so much had to be made that it has affected the normal buying ability of the military to obtain what they would need to sustain a dragged out war. The results are clear.  The military weakening means the security of the nation is undermined. 

You people were taken in by a good talker. He had (and has) an agenda and it seems like he’s working on it and being successful at it. I am glad to say this is the last time I write about him. I mentioned previously that I would cut down on writing about him.  It's been tough because he is such a bad leader.

I’ll do better than just cutting down writing about him; I’ll just forget him.

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