Friday, September 6, 2013

The enemy should know.

Yes this world has really evolved. It's even gotten to the point of telling the enemy when they are going to be attacked and from where and what they are going to be attacked with. I suppose next we will hear the enemy has been invited for dinner before the war starts, just in case either one survive the attack. This wouldn’t surprise me at the rate of what is supposed to be confidential; is showing up all over the media. 
We had an example of this not too long ago, when it was reported that the Jihadist were going to attack American embassies. They were more or less told that it was known what they were up to because it was in the news. The result was that they cancelled their plan of attack.  Great - lives were saved I guess. Temporarily.  But now there is little chance to find out when they are going to do it next. This kind of talk by leaking information that should not be leaked has endangered the lives of the workers in those embassies.  No one really knows if their planned attacks were cancelled or just postponed.
See you on Wednesday at 4:32 p.m.

Another example is Syria. It was all over the news that if it were attacked, it would be attacked by tomahawk missiles fired from the ships that are already in position. Isn’t that nice for these military strategist to tell the enemy what to expect?
Another thing I can’t understand. Once it was known that there was chemical weapons in Syria, why couldn’t the nations get together and make plans as to what they were going to do if some of those chemicals were used instead of waiting to the last minute to start making plans on what to do if they were used?
Now some has been used and men, woman and children have been killed. And more are being killed every day while the officials from different nations meet to see what they are going to do about this chemical usage and which nation is going to join in to attack Syria.
By the time they figure it out, they should just email all of their attack plans to the Syrian military before they start.
That’s my rant of the day.

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