Sunday, September 15, 2013

No respect, No fear.

If there ever was a nation that was not respected or feared by other nations of the world it is the United States.
The proof of this – is in a report that I read on Fox News. The world thinks that Iran is working its way towards producing a nuclear bomb and they are under heavy sanctions to discourage them to give up their intentions of building a bomb.  But there is one nation that doesn’t seem to care what the USA does or says and are quite open about it. Vladimir Putin has offered to help Iran.  Not with the nuclear bomb (openly at least) but with its defense systems and a nuclear reactor;
Russian President Vladimir Putin will reportedly offer to supply Iran air defense missile systems and to build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant.

Putin will renew an earlier offer to supply Iran with five S-300 ground-to-air missile systems during a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Friday, according to AFP, citing the Kommersant newspaper. Putin, a source close to the Kremlin said, will meet Rowhani at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kyrgystan.
That doesn't sound like a combination of items that are for defense and energy purposes.  It sounds like the recipe for a nuclear weapon.  The United States can't be loved by every nation and it shouldn't expect to be.  But it should be respected by many nations.  That list is shrinking.  and if a nation doesn't respect the USA, at least they should fear the USA as the world's policeman.  But clearly along with losing respect, the USA is no longer scaring rogue nations from acting in unacceptable ways on the world stage.

Heads up Obama: No respect, no fear mean no influence.

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