Saturday, September 21, 2013

Response to a comment

This is in response to a comment I received from a lady who claims to be Ruth Fitzwater (I’m not disputing the name, I have to take her word for it). By the comment that she made I would say this lady can read something in black and white and just not understand it. 

She seems to be the type of a person that reads some things but doesn’t understand the messages behind them and so she jumps to a wrong conclusion and insults people because she doesn’t seem to have a brain that can decipher the message that is written in plain black and white.

Lady, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had kept that insulting comment that you made. People like you would do that, because you would think that no one would dare answer you or see how ignorant a person of your caliber can be. You accused me of being a person facilitating Islamists to bring their religion over here, just because I made a couple comments comparing how many times the Islamist pray a day and what parts of the body a woman can show to point out the differences in Islamist and Catholics laws and cultures.

Also you talk about catechism. I believe that I have studied that little book before your parents ever thought of having a girl and to call her Ruth. I went to a Catholic school and we had to know our catechism before we were even confirmed.

I will tell you that you would be the one that would discourage people from following your faith because what is causing the problems in this world today is people like you that don’t seem to know too much about anything except what you seem to really care about (like your little catechism).

That’s your excuse to make life miserable for some people by pushing your beliefs on them. That’s why people are tired of listening to people like you trying to preach your beliefs from a little book that seems to be your life. You and the ones like you that refuse to live and let live are causing others to lose faith. And facilitating the entrance of the Islam faith which is known for killings and torture of humans of different faiths.

Before trying to educate people on the real things in life like the third world countries and their law and how these countries were started and how religions started and who started them and also try and get a book on Bible history and you will see where all these crimes of killings of other human beings was started. This book was used to be studied in the Catholic schools. I have to stop because my blood pressure is shooting high when I think of the type of people we have in this forsaken world.

I hope you enjoyed this little lesson/ But you can keep your comments coming because I enjoy reading from people that don’t know what they are talking about and insist on dictating the little book of catechism. I must tell you that my only faith is that there is only one God but I would not make people miserable by pushing my beliefs on them. A day will come soon when everyone will be judged by a real judged the Creator of all things. If you haven’t lived by the 10 Commandments your soul will be incinerated like a lot of us.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. To me it also means don’t accuse others for your own stupidity of not understanding what is written.

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