Saturday, September 14, 2013

Biblical prophecy of Syrian crisis.

I wrote quite a bit on the Third world countries and why they are like they are, and about many of them living with the laws of the dark ages.  Laws passed on from generation to generation from the old Biblical days, have often not evolved in so many of these countries.  Many of the countries are mentioned in the Bible in fact. If there’s anyone that would like to know more about these countries and the prophecy’s that are predicted in the Bible it's very interesting.

While reading Fox News I happened to see this video. I clicked on it and listened to all of it I found it to be very interesting. You can check this out on this site if you are having trouble seeing it here on my rants blog.

What is predicted is that  the city of Damascus will be removed.  Obviously so far that prediction has not been realized. I would say if a solution to their problems is not found soon then I would say it won’t be long for that prediction to become a fact.

All these problems they have in those countries are mostly from those laws of the dark ages. I will say one thing about some of these people their faith is so engrained in their brain that they are willing to give their life for it, like some radicals have already done and continue to do.

I am very happy to say that not everyone has as much faith in their religion because if it was so can 
 you imagine what this world would be like?

I found this to be very interesting and that’s why I thought that I would pass this along.

Have a good day.

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