Monday, September 9, 2013

Other blogs and more on Obama

This morning instead of reading the News like I always do, I decided to look at other blogs just to get away from reading about more problems in this forsaken world.

While reading these blogs I finally hit one that was of interest to me. I opened up this site called I remember mentioning before that I do go on this site because it’s usually about American politics. This morning I really read something to my liking and this was about Obama and what this blogger wrote about Obama I agree with 100%.

What I read on this site was about Obama dropping the ball on congress in regards to any attack in Syria. Now I’m asking myself is it because Joe Biden threatened to try and have him impeached if he went on his own accord or left his big ego aside to save his ass? Or is it that if he gave the order to attack and the worst would come out of it that he could not blame Bush for the screw up? Or did he just plainly not know what to do?

I said before I don’t trust that man because I don’t think he’s for America but just out for himself. It would be dangerous for the United States if that is so. He talks too much; things that should not go to the media like attacking a country when and how and with what weapons and what the targets are going to be and having ships armed just waiting for the word go.That's too much information.

Then there's the warning to the Jihadists about knowing of their plan to attack the embassies and about the scandals and the lies the cover ups for the incompetence of this administration that seems to be without any honor whatsoever. This Obama reminds me of a person that likes to talk as if he was a big tough guy.  But when it comes time to back up his words like "a red line", well, his bluff has been called and now he leaves it to someone else to make the decision because it seems he didn’t think that anyone would have the audacity to call him on it. 

That is my little rant of the day, Have a good day.

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