Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zero tolerance.

How about this? Can you imagine a school kid being suspended and arrested for imagining that he shot a dinosaur? After writing a story about getting a gun and shooting a dinosaur a kid was suspended and arrested without the parents knowing anything about it until he was brought into custody by the police. This was at a school in Florida. I never heard of this kind of stuff happening under previous presidents. I'm not saying this crazy sort of thing didn't happen but it seems to be a lot more common now.

It seems like these school officials think that they own the kids and they can do or say anything they want to them now. Also, the more I read what is going on in these schools I can only come to one conclusion. The USA is either turning to communism or it will become a third world country like I’ve state before. I would say there is a better chance of it becoming a third world country more than anything else.

What got me thinking about a third world country is that some time ago there was an order of so many guillotines by the USA.  And there`s all this nonsense about letting Iranian ships come into American waters. Why is America  leaving a border open so that anyone can come across? I know some will say but they are kids.   Jihadists have already shown that kids can be just as dangerous as the adults just because they are kids.  No one would watch them as closely as they would an adult. Kids can carry bombs just as well as adults and go in where an adult couldn’t. That’s all I have to say for now except now we know what happens to a country that doesn’t have a leader.

Have a good day.

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