Saturday, September 13, 2014

Revising my opinion on e-cigarettes

Who says old people are set in their ways? E-cigarettes. There is absolutely something wrong here. With these e-cigarettes they claim that the nicotine that is used is clean. By that they mean that it is without any foreign chemicals added to it. The fact remains that the nicotine itself is a pesticide; it kills any insect that would try to eat the tobacco plant.

Now what I’m wondering is if it’s a pesticide, a poison, how can it be safe for human consumption? Even if its heated to a boiling point to turn it into a vapor and then inhaled? Is anyone going to tell me that it’s heated at enough of a high heat and boiled long enough to kill the poison that is in it? First of all if you think that you can heat it long enough to get the poison out, the battery will not let you do it, because after a few seconds the battery shuts off.

Smoking the tobacco itself is just as bad because the nicotine is in there automatically that is the tobacco plant's defense against some of the bugs. So I would say either ways there is no such thing as clean nicotine. Nicotine is poison.

Some governments decriminalize smoking pot - why? Every pot-head that I know smokes it mixed with tobacco. Tobacco has nicotine. Nicotine is poison. I guess the only good e-cigarettes are the ones with zero nicotine.

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