Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ISIS crisis

In all the news that I've read on different sites, the most dangerous threat to the world is ISIS. I would say those people (if you want to call them that), will have to be eliminated for the good of the whole world. Those types of people can’t be "degraded" enough militarily to be manageable. They are simply killers of what they consider to be infidels.  Anyone that doesn’t follow Sharia law must be converted or eliminated in their eyes. If they are degraded, they will simply try to regrow themselves like a cancer and come back in a decade's time and try again.  Their beliefs won't change. 

How many versions of the Quran are there? I have one here which I got out of curiosity.  It doesn’t suggest killings and torture in it. Now according to the Quran that I have, I would say Islam is a religion of peace.

I don’t know where those Jihadists have got their hands on a Quran that tells them to go out and kill the infidels to please Allah. And I can’t believe how some people are joining up with that kind of sick people especially when they were not brought up in that way of believing. For instance Western Europeans. They convert to Islam and then become killers and torturers. Why?  That makes no sense.

Coming back to ISIS, as long as they are just bombed day and night it will not do the job of eliminating them. How many would be recruited to replace them? According to the news reports, they are getting bigger and bigger all the time and by defeating their enemies that had American made weapons, they managed to get their hands on them. So now they are better equipped.

The world should wake up and declare guerrilla warfare on them. That is the only way that they could be defeated but not to get on TV. And announce it beforehand so that the Jihadist will know what is coming their way. I am sure if this was to happen they would be eliminated and sent to hell where they belong - every last one of them. Then leave troops behind long enough to get maybe someone that tries to make an ISIS comeback and start it all over again. Iraq is a good example of pulling all the troops out too soon. It gave those Jihadists time to grow an get better organized.

If those people are left unchecked they will finally get what they want and they might even be luckier if they get their hands on nuclear weapons. Than they will eliminate the whole world including themselves because according to their beliefs, life is cheap - even their own.

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