Monday, September 1, 2014

Stopping all wars.

When I opened this site the other night, I remembered that not too long ago, the president said that he wanted to stop all wars. He must know that there is no such thing as stopping all wars when fanatics are on the loose. Those Jihadists enjoy torturing and killing men, woman and children for no reason whatsoever, using their religion as an excuse to do so. The recent killing of the journalist, was it because he was a reporter or just the fact that he was an American? They were blaming Obama for targeting them with bombs.

After listening to the president voted in stating that “He wanted to stop all wars”, I couldn’t leave it go without writing something about it. I found that statement to be one of the most stupid statements that a president could make in regards to the mentality of these Jihadist. This kind of conduct by Jihadists gives all Muslims a bad reputation that a lot of them don’t deserve. By the way that the USA president is running the country down and he also admitted on an older interview that I was saw a couple of days ago he the president saying that “Mr. Mc Cain never mentioned my Muslim faith.”, it makes me think at least he is sympathetic to them.

After this supposed to be leader is finally out of office, just by his actions alone it will be enough for a Muslim never be voted in as president. Of course if that happens the word racist will sure come out just as popular as the “F word is used by a lot of people” and people like Obama and Holder would be the first ones to cry racism.  As I see it by what I read that’s all these people have for defense is that word (racist) as they don’t have anything better to say for their inability to cope with the job that they were elected to do.

I just came to a conclusion. If you want people to think that you’re a patriot to your country but that you’re really not and you don’t want to show it, all you have to do is to vote for liberals.

A message to G.W.Bush. Mr. Bush - once this guy is out, I guess your days of being accused of wrongdoing will be over. The next president will have Mr. Obama to blame and with good reasons

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