Monday, September 15, 2014

You ARE Banished!!!

Banishing citizens. Stephen Harper. We finally have a Prime Minister in Canada that has the guts to banish the unwanted citizens from this country. Citizens that can’t be trusted in this country and weren't born here should be banished. Deported.

Finally someone has the guts to take such action. Someone is trying to undo the damage that former Prime Minister P. E. Trudeau did while he was prime minister of this country. This country was actually given away by him with his pusing of multiculturism.

Now we have his son in politics and is now the leader of the Liberal party. Now he’s vying to be the next Prime Minister. This Mr. Justin Trudeau made some speeches when he came onto the political scene and in some of those speeches it showed that he is a separatist at heart and would like the province of Québec to separate from the rest of Canada and become its own nation. Mrs. Marois former premier of Québec by trying to do this was finally voted down and she even lost her own riding.

Let this be a lesson for the Liberal party. We don’t need another person such as Mrs. Marois to try and separate and make this province unilingual. Trudeau secretly harbours that ambition.

We don’t need a Prime minister that would try and break up the country and start all the hassles and make more enemies with the balance of Canadians like she did. Having Mr.Trudeau be elected as Prime Minister, I am sure would be the downfall of the Liberal party. But perhaps too the country. I will not say it’s because of his age like I’ve heard quite a bit but simply because He doesn’t seem to have the experience and I don’t believe that he has been in politics long enough to learn everything there is in leading a country. Justin Trudeau should be banished.

That’s my rant of the day.

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