Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No one knows the truth about food

No one knows the truth, the whole truth, about what is done to the food that we ingest every day. This is the same for the producers of pharmaceutical products. Some of it is known but not all of it. Not enough of it is known.

In today’s world, no one can be believed when they talk about the product's they are selling. That's because business is business and to them it doesn't matter what is added to some of their products, just as long as they taste or look good and they can’t be sued for the garbage that was added. That's the extent to which a business cares about what it makes. Health-wise, who cares? Just as long as the customer likes it, and buys it, the side effects only matter so long as they don't get in trouble for it. So businesses add things - preservatives, colouring, other additives, all in the name of cost, convenience or appeal. Maximizing the money that can be made out of selling them is the main purpose of the business.

Now I`m not saying that businesses making money is wrong, but to expect them to care about your health is just not realistic. Not unless it becomes financially important for them to do so.

Now here come the dietitians. They tell you what is good for you and what you should eat.  They tell you  to watch out for certain kinds of fat and this and that, and it never ends.  It would be impossible to eat  exactly what you’re told to eat as a diet.  Even if it were possible, what is considered good  changes every time a new study comes out.  Imagine how much food you would waste trying to keep up with that ever-changing list of do`s and don`ts.  These dietitians might have good intentions in telling us what and what not to eat to have good health, but at the same time, they should be a little more focused.  They should try to find out exactly what has been added or taken out of certain foods before advising people on what to eat and what not to eat. Try and find out what kind of pesticides were used on some certain fruits and vegetables, because some of them are porous and will absorb pesticides which you can’t wash off.

I don`t have an answer on a perfect solution, but I do have my rant of the day about something that needs fixing.

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