Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freedom of religion.

I believe in freedom of religion providing there are no mutilations of the human body or any violence whatsoever. Anyone who would immigrate to this country that believes in this kind of violence should stay in whatever country they originated from. I am a Canadian. I was born here and I follow the laws of my country. I can’t understand why the government of this country allows immigrants to do what we Canadians are not allowed to do. By this I mean under the guise of religious freedom.

I was listening to my favorite radio station (C.F.R.A. - the Lowell Green talk show). The talk show was about the mutilation of a woman's vagina. This is kind of sickening to hear and anyone here in Canada who would do this kind of barbaric thing should be sentenced to at least 10 years in the penitentiary.

This kind of barbaric act is the result of  multiculturism that was brought in by a certain Prime Minister who left this world a long time ago. I guess at that time, he did not realize that he was giving our country away along with some of our laws.

Yes, we Canadians are good people and even the government will ignore when some of these immigrants do what is not allowed in this country under normal circumstances. And they get away with it. I have no problems with anyone that wants to immigrate here but so long as they leave their barbaric practices wherever they are from. Obviously not all immigrants do these sorts of things. Most probably don't. But the kind of culture that some immigrants practice is not needed here.  So if they insist on following that kind of culture then they should be exempt from becoming legal immigrants here and sent back to whichever country they want to leave. This is Canada and we don’t cater to any kind of torture or any sadistic behavior in any religion or cult.

I would gladly vote for any party that would do away with this multiculturalism garbage and take our country back and restore it to its rightful owners - us Canadians.

That’s my beef for today.

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