Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are Electronic cigarettes dangerous?

I guess the people asking that question don’t read too many reports about what is added or taken out of the food that we buy in good faith. Otherwise they'd be more worried about our food.  I've been keeping up with the e-cigarettes issue and if you have then you would not be asking a question about their safety. I will say that electric cigarettes are 100% safer than some of the food that we buy in good faith

Of course electronic cigarettes are safe except for e-diots (e-cigarette idiots) who would buy refills of nicotine in those little bottles and don’t have enough sense to take safety precautions.  All you need to do is make sure to handle it safely and not leave it within reach of children and/or pets. The level of nicotine will kill a child or pet (or even an adult) if it’s ingested orally.  Even if you spill some on your skin it could be poison.  The solution is to be safe about how you use and store it.  The answer is not to ban it.

There are some people that do not like cigarette smoke, so if they see someone smoking one of these e-cigarettes then the first thing you know, they will start whining and saying that the smoke stinks and makes them sick. It’s safe to say that their imaginations are running wild, because it’s not smoke that comes out of an e-cigarette but water vapor. But to be honest, if you are vapourizing Canadian tobacco, there is a smell of tobacco.  But it doesn't stay around too long - it dissipates within a few seconds. Yet some of the other flavors like watermelon, orange or pomegranate or any other flavour it’s only the smell of whatever flavor the  "smoker" chooses because there is no nicotine in it.  The smell dissipates in a couple seconds because it’s not smoke but vapour.
If a person were to be brought to court because he/she was using this in a "no smoking" area, they should have the case thron out of court unless it was also stated that e- cigarettes are not allowed in that area. The charge of smoking would not be legal as you were not smoking you were vapourizing. There is a big difference. Smoking involves tobacco which causes smoke but vapor is not smoke, it is evaporating water. So the charge against you would say smoking but the charge would be dropped because you were not smoking. Even if your using that cigarette where it states you can’t use electronic cigarettes, just the fact that they marked smoking would be a false charge. They would have to charge you with vapourizing and there are no criminal charges for causing vapour.  If there were anyone charges for that, then boiling water while cooking could be breaking the law.

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