Monday, April 7, 2014

How to become a dictator in 10 steps

Hey, let me ask you this:  Do you want to take over a country? It's actually very easy if you are a good talker and show intelligence and manage to get your name on a ballot. Here is what you do, just like Hitler did. 

(1) Get elected (I know this isn't an easy step, but I'm focused on the take over here, so I'll skip the getting elected part).

(2) After you succeeded in getting elected, surround yourself with Yes Men.

(3)  Try to get the media on your side.  Then you can lie as much as you want when questions are asked for which you don’t want to give a truthful answer. You can instead invent some kind of a lie and also coach your cohorts to do the same. In fact you can have the media feed you the questions ahead of time so you can prepare answers.

(4) Whether you promised transparency to the public or not, get rid of it.  Don't be transparent.

(5) Make each citizen is required to have an I.D. card. 

(6) Make sure that they know that they must have it ready to produce whenever asked. In movies about Hitler's Germany people were always being asked for "papers".  Nowadays you could use a driver's license but not everybody drives.  So how about a national healthcare system that requires a photo I.D. card, or eventually will?  That would work.  Especially since all of the information about a person could be electronically coded on that card.

(7) Start ignoring parts of the Constitution that don't allow you to do what you want to do. If no one stops you, keep going.

(8) Disarm all citizens of their weapons using gun control laws. That takes time, but without guns all people can do to fight your control is to use their free speech.

(9) Do away with free speech and has much as possible erode personal privacy to the point where there is no more privacy. Use agencies to spy on people's calls and emails to make sure you know what people are saying.  Then use rhetoric to shame people into not disagreeing with you.  If someones says something counter to your ideas, ignore it and say they have no ideas at all.  Later, you can start actually restricting their free speech with new laws.

(10) Make sure to get real friendly with the military so they will be on your side when you decide to take over. This step should be done as an on-going effort starting with step 2, but you have to make sure that when you are ready to take over at step 10, they are on board with you.

That’s basically how Hitler did it. He was elected by being a good speaker. Then Hitler got greedy for power and the results ended in a WWII. People elected president Obama because he was a good talker and he conned the people into electing him. If you look at that list, there is a disturbing number of steps in there that he has also taken.  It`s a little scary.

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