Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welfare bums

Welfare bums. This is my definition of certain types of people.

There are people who are too lazy to go to work so they sponge off the taxpayers as if the world owed them a living. Yes, I will admit that some people do need help and they are in situations that are difficult (e.g. having a family but no job, or they are suffering from sickness or have some kind of disability or lack of experience or think that they’re too educate to take on a job that would pay minimum wages).

But we also have people that are alcoholics and druggies. Those are people that can’t face the world as it is so they escape it by getting drunk and others by getting a buzz on drugs.

Then we have thieves. Those are the kind of people that think that welfare would not give them enough money so they try to enrich themselves by stealing from people.

Then we have liars. They are some of the most dangerous people in the world as they are not only liars but deceitful and some are also back stabbers.

Now there are also people that their pride seems to be bigger than their pea brain so they elevate their pride to take on the disease that I call egoistic disease. It's the kind of disease that keeps people away from you because apparently when a person afflicted with that sickness everyone else would be wrong in that person's perception. I could say a lot more on this but this is enough for now.

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