Monday, June 27, 2016

Message to Liberals

I have a message to Liberals, both federal and provincially. Now most of us know that the Liberals' reputation leaves a lot to be desired. And because stupid people elected a fruit cake as the Premier of Ontario, who is nothing but a dictator (and has shown that she has no respect for the citizens that elected her) she makes stupid decisions on some of the laws that she wants to make compulsory. That fruit cake must have been born with a pea brain and a weak one at that because it seems like the first time she went to the bathroom to defecate that pea brain dropped out and now what she has left is an empty head to keep her ears apart.

I used to live in Ontario and now I live in Québec. I would like to move back to Ontario but with a fruit cake running the province I find it wise to stay here in Québec for now. I read about younger people wanting to move here because of that fruit cake. They figure that as long as she is the Premier they feel that they would never be able to reach the goal that they want. And I don’t blame them.

I know she was elected by the people but the damage she has done and the stupid laws that she wants to make compulsory are just plain madness from a dictator. She's not acting in anyway that’s what she was claiming she would turn out to be. What I can suggest in order to boost the reputation of the Liberal party federally and provincially is somehow to kick her out of there. You people will have done a great favor because I’m sure the people never expected her to become a dictator. There is another choice; have a referendum on whether she should be removed or not. And I know what the answer would be because no one expected a fruit cake to become a dictator. That would boost the Liberal party's reputation and also show that the Liberals do care about the people.

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