Tuesday, June 21, 2016

America, president Obama (Part 2)

On the weekend I posted about the USA and president Obama, I ended by talking about Guccifer.

No one seems to know who this Guccifer is but this name has to do with the name Lucifer which is Satan. According to the reverend in the video I saw, Guccifer is an Italian. Italian means Rome and when I think of Rome, the Vatican comes to mind. In the Vatican there is a person called the Pope and according to those in the Vatican, it has been reported that they spend quite a bit of time explaining the things that the Pope says because a person would think that he disengages his tongue before engaging his brain. 

Now this person having the title of Pope could obtain a lot of information that others couldn’t, as he would be trusted because of his position and title. That’s why I believe this person to have taken on the name of Guccifer. Also when he and Obama had a meeting it didn’t strike me as those two meeting for the first time. When I saw the reaction of both of them when they met it seemed like they already knew each other and shared an agenda. That meeting was on a video. Unless I’m wrong in my thoughts I would say Guccifer is the Pope. When a man in his position says to have a relation with Jesus could be dangerous I take it he means for us to ignore Jesus. According to what Jesus said, My Father and I are but one. That would mean to ignore Jesus would be denying God. By stating something of the kind he is also calling Jesus a liar.

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