Thursday, June 16, 2016

Weak stomach? Don't read this post

If you have a weak stomach or perhaps a vivid imagination do not read this post. Now I’m not saying that this is happening, but the way some business people are these days it wouldn’t surprise me as to where our meat comes from. Like I mentioned in prior posts, some people are so money crazy that they could pick up a fresh road kill and bring it into their shop and chop it up and make hamburger meat or baloney or hot dogs or cut it in little squares an proclaim it's stewing beef or pork. They might cut into thin slices and claim it to be sandwich meat and put a name to it like new sandwich meat made with a mixture of meats. Who would know the difference? I’m not saying it is being done but with greedy people who love money, most don’t care for others health just as long as they can make a good profit. One never knows.

Now I’ve written some sickening blog posts before and I have more that I could write that are just as sickening ,but I think one once in a while is not too bad. I wouldn’t want my readers to think that’s all I can write about. In my defense I would say that some people might not think about some of the bad things that we could be eating and that’s why I write them.

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