Saturday, August 13, 2011

Using God as an excuse

Some people in Third World countries are using God as an excuse to torture and kill people. Quite often they then raise their arms and yell 'God is great'. Not only do they kill strangers but they are also just as quick to kill their own. Are these people suppose to be humans? When the killing is done simply because some people practice a different faith, and then they say 'God is great', they must be multiplying their chance of going straight to the lake of fire upon their death.

No one can deny that these people do not hesitate to kill those of their own faith. It's being proven every day by some of these like Syria and Libya. In Libya, according to a report on the news (with video), two little boys had their genitals cut off. Now, can any one tell me the reason for that? This show that these people are not humans but some kind of animal that came out of the dark ages.

What should happen when the people start to rebel against the government? They rebel because they are not happy with the way whatever group of fat cats are running their country. If it’s the majority of the citizens that feel this way, then the army should stand with the people and not become killers of their own citizens just to protect these fat cats that rob them.

These commanders are not stupid. They must know what is going on; they have families. They can hear the complaints of their citizens, and of families and friends. Are these commanders blind or are they just waiting for a time to come that they can turn on their own people and kill as many as they can? I know its their duty to be faithful to the 'ruling class' but when it comes to the whole country rising against the government, then its time to change allegiance and join with the citizens.

These citizens want to come out of the dark ages and be in the 21st or even 20th century. Yet they aren't allowed because those fat cats who run things won't allow it to happen. For example, Gadhafi had 3 billion dollars in different accounts. That's money that belonged to the people of Libya.

There is a warrant out on him and his son, and he will not come out of power by himself. In that case the UN should just go in and get him, then get out as fast as possible. If there has been some kind of treaty signed that they are not allowed to do so, considering all the killings the treaty should be discarded. After all it was written on paper and not in cement, and that is the only way that a lot of lives would be saved. Gadhafi said that he will die first before leaving Libya. If he is so resolved then don’t try and take him out of Libya just shoot him to accommodate his wish.

Theses barbarians make me sick. Sharia law is another example from the dark ages that should have been left there. After looking at the Stoning Soraya M. trying to view these people as civilized is next to impossible.

That is my rant of the day.

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