Thursday, August 4, 2011

Incompetence at Rogers

I previous wrote a post about Rogers (the telephone company) and the incompetence that exists in that company.

Here again is more proof that these people don’t care about their customers. If they did care they would hire competent people to work for there. About a month ago I called Rogers and asked them to install a telephone and the Internet at my daughter's home and to send me the bill to my home. I gave them my home address my cell phone number - the whole works. Well, a month goes by and I don’t hear from them or from my daughter about an installation.

I called Rogers to find out where that bill was and they couldn't even find my name in their files. I've been with these incompetent people for about 6 years now. The reason they could not find my name is because the person that took down the information could not even spell my name right even though he (or she?) looked at my account.

Now because of their incompetence they want to charge me for being late in paying my bill.
Well I’m not paying for the lateness of that bill. They know that I’ve always paid my bills on time so why should it be different this time? They are on the verge of losing two customers and maybe more because of the incompetency of people that are hired to do a job. Either they are not competent to do their job or just too lazy to do a job that they are suppose to be trained to do.

I would not recommend anyone to have anything to do with Rogers unless they smarten up and respect their customers by having competent people working for them. That means people that are able to write down what a client wants and learn how to write down a person’s name - especially when it has been spelled out by the customer and when they already have a file on the customer. They had even spelled both my first and last names wrong. Not one name - both of them. What do you expect, it’s a cell phone company?

I called them this morning and I told them that I would not pay late fees because it was their mistake and not mine. I was told that next bill would show my credit.

That is my rant for today

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