Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Trial of Casey Anthony.

Before I write this I just want to make sure that everyone understands that what I’m going to write is entirely my opinion. Also, just to make sure, I am not accusing anyone of anything. Call me paranoid in the age of the Internet, I don't want to get in trouble for libel. That's why I'm saying this is just my opinion.

I previously mentioned in one of my post that I learned to more or less watch the expressions on people's faces when they would talk and walk and the way they would look at you. The ones that are truthful would look at you at eye level but the ones that lie would look at your forehead I guess thinking that you might think that they are looking at you at eye level. And at the same time their expression on their faces don’t match their statements.
Before I retired I was in charge of all investigations for a security company for a long time. During those years, I learned a lot about how people can lie with a straight face but their eyes give them away because they look at your forehead instead of your eyes.

I followed the last two Casey Anthony trials from start to finish. To me there was something wrong because some things just didn't add up. In the first trial that I watched Casey accused her dad of molesting her and when the prosecutor asked Mr. Anthony if he had, he put his head down and it took a good ten seconds to answer. Then he said "No sir I would never do that to my daughter".

Then the brother was questioned as to why he was mad at his family. He answered that he was mad because no one in the family told him that his sister was in the hospital giving birth. He even started to cry.

In the last trial, Mr. Anthony was asked again if he had molested his daughter. It took him the same amount of time as before to answer. While waiting for an answer, Casey was looking at him and her head going from side to side as if to say, 'say no'. We also heard the conversation Casey had with her dad from the jail telephone and the last thing he said to her was that he loved her and she answered with "I love you too". That doesn't sound like the conversation of a molested daughter and her father.

After the court case was over and Casey was found not guilty, both of the parents left without even looking at their daughter. The court said that they were a dysfunctional family. After what I had seen and heard in that court, I could not come to a different conclusion.

Mr. Anthony attempted to commit suicide and left a note stating that he could not go on without Calee that he wanted to go with her. I don’t believe that a man that was in the police force couldn’t have taken something that would finish him off right away? Something was wrong there too.

Mind you like I said everything in here is my own opinion and I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I'm just suspicious. I will say one thing that I believe to be true is that Caylee’s dad was the brother of Casey. It was shown in the court room that there was no love in that family so why should he be so upset because no one told him that his sister was in the hospital giving birth.

Here is where the motives come in to my thinking. Now once again, I’m not accusing anyone.

The father

I can’t understand why an adult would try to commit suicide because his granddaughter was dead. Did he love that granddaughter enough to take his own life? Did he attempted to commit suicide to throw suspicion off him?

The mother

Could she have done it just to get back at her husband? Maybe she found out that he was having an affair and since her husband loved Calee that much it would hurt him real bad?


Could she have been going out with a boyfriend and the boyfriend was paying too much attention to Calee? Was Casey thinking that her boyfriend loved Calee more then her? Maybe jealousy took over.

Stuff that doesn't add up

I forget who was the one that said that the smell when the trunk of the car was opened there was a strong smell of a decaying body. If the smell was that strong, it would have still been in there way later. That is the kind of smell you cannot get rid of. It goes right in to the metal of a car. I don’t know about now, but in Toronto there used to be a big lot with cars that people decayed in because they could not get rid of that smell. You did not have to be an expert to smell that garbage.

How come the police checked that property where the skeleton was but never found it, yet this guy comes walking and finds it? No, no I don’t buy that.

To me it seems that little girl could have been sexually assaulted then killed and buried there. Apparently with the heat and the decaying and maggots going to work on the body, no sign of rape or anything like that would show up.

About the duct tape (if there was some, which I believe was shown in court).

What gets me to thinking, is how did the duct tape get back on the skeleton? Because with the maggots and wild animals going at it they would have probably removed the tape and ate even the glue because some of the flesh would have been on it. So how do they know that the tape was over her nose and mouth like the jurors were told in court.

More stuff that doesn't add up

Maybe Calee was killed somewhere else and brought back to the property after the police had searched it. I don’t believe that if Casey transported her daughter in that car she would not have been in there long enough to leave a smell especially if it was done before the body stared to decay. I am sure that if the body would of been where it was found the police would have seen it.
Lucky I wasn’t on that jury because it would have been a hung jury. The jury found her guilty of lying but not of murder.

That is my opinion of that case and I’m not accusing anyone just stating my opinion.

That’s my stream of consciousness rant of the day for today.

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