Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking for trouble

I took this out of the Ottawa citizen today Saturday July 30th.
OTTAWA — Secret shoppers working for the official languages commissioner are to fan out across the capital in mid-August to test whether they can get service in French.
This is what I mean when I argue that its mostly politicians that are causing this trouble with bilingualism.  Now they are going after the private sector. I hope they find what they are looking for because if not, then we are in for a lot of mumbling about bilingualism.

The federal government should stay out of this language dispute. They should have a meeting with the premiers of these two provinces, Ontario and Quebec, and see if the Premiers would go along with having a referendum from each province on bilingualism.  See if there is an appetite to have businesses  have at least one person in that business that would be bilingual to serve the customer in either language. If the owner of a business is the only one working in that business well what can you do if he loses customers because of it tough.

I find that every day there’s more aggravation between English and French that there ever was simply because of this bilingualism issue.  If Quebec votes yes then they will have to do away with Bill 101 and become bilingual also.

I wish I had the power to reopen the constitution and get read of this multicultural garbage. I do mean garbage. That has caused more trouble then anything else.


On a different thing while I’m at it, we as Canadians have laws like every country has but do the other countries change the laws to accommodate immigrants the way we do? The reason I’m asking this is because if we are caught even with a knife that is longer then what 2 or 3 inches we can be charged with carrying a weapon. Why is it that these people who are Sikhs are allowed to carry this so called kirpan. As far as I’m concerned they are a weapon. I heard a discussion on this issue on the radio and they claimed that it's not a sharpened knife. I don’t care.  Sharpened or not, it's still a weapon.

I’m sure its not made out of chocolate or wood so it’s a weapon. I was also told that it has something to do with their religion. Religion or not its still a weapon. If they want to keep on carrying it then go back home. I call this a double standard on the part of the government - different laws for immigrants.
If you want to come to Canada then follow our laws.

As for the French and English - we are Canadians let's learn to live in harmony. This is my rant of today.

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