Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When I hear  people,  say "oh, we can’t get a job because the immigrants take them". That is because they will work at jobs that a Canadian will not work at and will say it doesn't pay enough. The Immigrant will come along and take the job and be happy to get the wages from it. And they'll stretch the money out as far as they can.  Even though he or she is working at minimum wages they will live better on that than a Canadian would on the same wage.

I know two of  them who were lawyers in their previous country and since they have been here, they will   work driving taxis or as security guards or in some other low paying  jobs. Another one that I know was a doctor.  He works for a security company for now until the government has given him a test to see if he qualifies to practice here. I never hear any complaints from any of them when I happen to see them.

Another complaint which is common to hear is that it doesn't matter if I call a restaurant or any businesses most of the time it will be an  immigrant who will answer most of the time. That person is telling the truth. This is what I mean - an immigrant will work at any kind of job to start off but will save his or her money to start a business. We can be thankful for these people because if it was not for them, there would not be as many businesses as there are now. 

The only thing I have against some immigrants is that some of them will not conform to the Canadian  culture. That is if we still have one.

That is my rant of the day.

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