Monday, July 11, 2011


When I was a kid living with my grandparents in this little town in Quebec, we had a priest that had the same answer for almost any thing tragic that would happen. His answer would  always be "it was God's will". As kids we always had some questions for him because the monastery used to be next to the school and whenever we were on break he would come along and talk to the kids and as I said, we always had questions to ask him.

One day out in the yard during our break he came in the yard and to act like a smart guy I asked him what  God looked like.  And his answer was "God is so beautiful that you can’t see Him". I then asked him if you can’t see him, how can you say He’s so beautiful? His answer was just have faith and believe in Him. 

I told my grandmother about his answer when I asked him that and she said "if that’s what he told you he should know, he is the priest”. In this little village whatever the priest said was true - as far as they were concerned a priest did not lie. Every Sunday we had to go to communion but previous to that we had to go and confess our sins in the confessional.  To me this priest was a drunk because when he spoke to you in the confessional to give you absolution his breath smelled so much of wine it almost made you sick. He was called  L’abby - Filliatrault.

According to some catholic priests if anything tragic happens its God's will.  

Are priests always right just because they are priests (even if you believe in God)?  After all priests are still human beings.

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