Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a crazy mixed up world this is.

The reason I’m saying this, is because some people are working at jobs as councillors and they are not qualified for the job.

Here are some examples.

Some people are employed as counselors on how to raise kids or fix marriages. A lot of these people can only advise based on what they had read in books while they were taking the course and whatever their professors would give them in a lecture. They are not experts. A lot of those people have never had any experience in raising kids or were never married.

Therefore I think to qualify just to gain entry in the course a person should be married or have been married. If it is related to kids then they should have or have had kids during their marriage. Then after graduating and obtaining employment as counselor for kids or marriage they will find out that what they read in those books on how to raise kids and about marriage counselling is a lot different from the real world.

Many problems can and will be brought to them that they never read about in the books. Then some of them might give advice which would not be the best advice and the results could be more problems for the people looking for good advice.

That’s my rant for today.

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