Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughts on Trump

With what Donald Trump says he will do when he gets in as president, I sure hope that he takes the protection of his country seriously but not too seriously or he will alienate more countries than Obama already has done.

In addition, I would say that the outcome of an overly hostile stance towards other countries would not be too good for America. That's because you have to take into consideration how outgoing president Obama has diminished the strength of the military to the point that the USA could no longer sustain a dragged out war.

If by chance, if Trump succeeds in dismantling NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) he will be alienating some countries - including Canada. The countries that were alienated because of his actions on those trade agreements might rebel and refuse to buy anything that would be imported from the USA. Sp the business would not be able to sell any product from the USA and then the amount of people employed by them might have to be reduced and therefore more people would be out of work. Or could be out of work at least.

I know one thing for sure - we don't have a Prime Minister in Canada that will be able to stand up to Trump.

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