Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There are people who immigrated to Canada because they were not happy in their country. So then what do some of them do? They start demonstrating here about something that has nothing to do with this country but about the elections in their 'former' country.

First of all, did they obtain a permit to demonstrate? And if so, does that permit some of them to show their middle finger to other people going to work?  And did the OTC (Ottawa Transit) have to reroute their schedules because of them?

The result was that an old woman had to wait 40 minutes in the cold for a bus to show up on Rideau St., where her bus stop was.

Throwing stuff at the police, and injuring a couple of them was also a result.  So was tying up traffic, costing tax payers money for something that wasn’t our business. So was taking police away from their regular work, tying up buses and ambulance, and interfering with people going to work. After the city has figured out how much it cost in more police security plus tying up ambulances the amount should be split and each demonstrator pay for the cost of it. 

These people left their country because they were not happy.  So why come to this peaceful country and start something that we have nothing to do with (i.e. that country's election). 

If you are so worried about it, why didn't you stay there and demonstrate there? It is people like yourselves that causes discrimination against other immigrants. If you feel that your not going to be happy living here then by all means go back home and demonstrate your heart out.

This government even changes some laws to accommodate some immigrants and I don’t know why because this, is Canada and we have our own laws and there are no reasons that some laws should be changed. That's true weather it be in regards to religion or carrying weapons of any kind.

I wished Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all immigrants. This is what we celebrate because it is our tradition We don’t try to convert you so leave our traditions alone.

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