Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The biggest mystery of all.

The biggest mystery of all mysteries will never be solved and this big mystery I’m talking about is about God. Did God always exist? And if He did, where did He come from? And who created Him?

Right off the bat, someone is liable to respond that God is a myth. Anyone saying this should be asked if God is a myth then how did us humans and all living things come to be? And that includes Mother Nature with all the beautiful plants, hills, forests, the different planets, the stars, the moon and sun and the oceans, lakes and rivers. If all of that came into being in a big bang, what caused that big bang to happen? And why did life suddenly spring into being billions of years later from a massive explosion? What sparked that to happen? That's a hard question to answer.

The Bible (there are all kinds of versions of the Bible, and other holy books from other religions too) explains it in Genesis. But since there are so many versions - which is the true one that really tells it as it was? The Christian Bible has been translated into so many languages that I would say the meaning of some of the passages were changed because of translation complications. So a different word could have been put in here and there that caused the meaning of the word to change. But the same change could have also caused the entire sentence to mean what it wasn’t meant to mean.

The results of making these changes so often is that 2 or more people could read the same paragraph and end up with each one having completely different understandings of what it means.

To me the only thing that can’t be misunderstood in the Bible is the Ten Commandments because that is straight forward and cannot be misread. That’s why I say to any one that questions the meaning of a paragraph in the Bible to just live by the Ten Commandments and you can’t go wrong. That’s what I do. Well, at least I try but some time it’s hard. These days if a person lives according to the Ten Commandments and doesn’t deviate from them at any time I would say that person is on the wrong planet.

They're probably too good for this world.

This really isn't a rant, it's more just a stream of thoughts about the origins of the world and the meaning of the Bible. But I thought I would share it today.

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