Friday, May 16, 2014

Not a rant.

I realize this is not a rant -- it’s not meant to be. While surfing the internet I found this video about a young girl that shocks an entire studio. The only reason that I thought of mentioning it in my rant blog is because on my other blog, Bob’s Ghosts, I write a lot about the mysteries of this world which we have no answers for as humans. For instance, the degree of intelligence that some babies have at an early age is incomprehensible and I call that a mystery.

I know there is only one deity that would have the power to do this and that deity is God. I realize some unbelievers will be unhappy because of who I just mentioned as being responsible for this particular mystery. If anyone can provide me a better explanation for the video than my personal belief, then please let me know. Like I mentioned before I have seen quite a bit on this type of phenomenon -- babies that are born with unbelievable knowledge. Some of these examples come with videos.

Even if you don’t have faith in a Super Deity you can still look and be amazed. I can say with certainty that just by checking these happenings out on my other blog, nothing will happen to you.

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