Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to become a proficient liar.

If you’re interested in becoming a proficient liar, you can take a course on line free of charge. Here is what you do. Open any website that has American news 24 hours a day and listen carefully to most politicians when they are asked questions in regards to the president’s actions or statements. Now if it happens to be a liberal that is asked questions, you will be provided with different lies on the same question. Whenever I go to a site that has the news, especially any sites that report on what is going on in the USA, I tend to think of Santa Claus' eindeer. The one that has the red nose the leader (that would be president Obama) and the others (all his followers and henchmen). The rest of the reindeer are afraid to tell the truth. I guess he has these butt kissers well trained.

Your course on how to become a proficient liar would end once Santa and his cohorts will be out of the White House.

I’m at an age that I can leave this world at any time but I hope to be here by the midterm elections in the United States.  I want to see how many of these butt kissers will get their walking papers. Then I still want to be here for the election in 2016.  That may be pushing it. But I want to see what happens.  As of now, I now seen a leaking ship without anyone at the rudder and that is causing that ship to sink (and a lot faster than we think). Right now I would say the sinking of that ship is about 90% under water. It will be a miracle if it can last another 2 years before being on the bottom of the ocean. With a good leader at the rudder the ship would be floating high. The leaks would get fixed. A lot of people were saying Mr. Bush was a warmonger but one thing about him cannot be denied - the USA had respect from its allies and they could depend on help if it was needed.

That is my rant of the day.

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