Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time left.

At the age I am now (I'll be 81 in a couple of weeks), I figure I’ve been in this world too long. I think that especially how this world has turned out to be. The world is full of people steeped in political correctness, money hunger, power hunger, inconsiderate of other peoples’ feelings, hypocrites, back-stabbers, thieves and murderers, and con men. You name it and this world has it. Plus what do we have some religions next to the major ones that were created long ago. These new religions were not meant to exist and we call them cults for a reason. But just the same those extra religions (or cults) would want to make you believe that there is more than one God and each have their way of praying to their god.

Now according to a book that I read recently, Jesus was the founder of the Catholic religion. But since its’ founding so many priest have misinterpreted the meaning of some passages, and told so many lies about it (including praying to the Virgin Mary for example) that people are mixed up about what God really wants. If you pray to Virgin Mary and you’re using a rosary then you are sinning as a rosary has I believe 36 Hail Marys to it. Now to many people, the Catholic religion has become a cult. I really don’t think that Jesus meant it to become that but like I said all the lies and misinterpretation has more or less turned it to what a lot of people think of it as a cult now.

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