Thursday, February 25, 2016

Politicians and smoking (part 2)

I tried those e-cigarettes for 8 months and I soon found out that I couldn’t take in as much oxygen in my lungs as I used to be able to do. I was vaporizing with the flavoring of tobacco or rum or watermelon and I was coughing just as much as with cigarettes. I finally decided to give it up and went back to regular cigarettes and a couple of days later my lungs seemed to have gone back to the usual intake of oxygen. I must say at the time I didn’t know about this garbage of Diacetyl.

I write two blogs and when I quit vaporizing, I told my editor why I had quit and this even was before I read what this chemical was doing to my lungs. I must state also I find it hard to believe just the nicotine without all this other garbage that is added by the big tobacco companies would be safe to inhale considering that nicotine alone is a pesticide its poison.

Nicotine for e-cigarettes is mixed with water and vegetable oil. Is that vegetable oil or is it some mix of other garbage and they call it vegetable oil? When that mix is boiled and vaporize is it safe to suck it in to your lungs? These days so much is done with the food we eat and drink we never know what kind of garbage we are ingesting.

I don't think the politicians have any of this figured out but they are so ready to tell us what we should be doing.

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