Monday, February 22, 2016


Some people might find this post to have a weird title. I think that once you have read this, you'll see that the title of this rant is right on for what I want to say.

I believe that around Ottawa a lot of people used to listen to the Lowell Green show. On his program used to call it the insanity world. I would say that he was right in calling it what it was, until he opened his mouth and started to speak. I guess he never realized that he’s the one that used to wake up this 'insanity world' as soon as he started to speak.

I hated that man because he was very sarcastic. But I used to leave my radio on every morning to make sure that I didn’t miss that talk show. Even though he was that type of a person, I never wanted to miss listening to his show. I hated that man but at the same time I used to listen because he seemed to always be up to date on everything that went on. That was true whether it was politics or some other topic. He always had an answer for everything and his answers couldn’t be disputed as he always had the proof to back himself up and he did it with a voice of finality.

I thought of him as being sarcastic when a caller would call the show and try to BS some point. That’s where the sarcastic side of Lowell Green would appear (that is if the caller would try and argue about what he had stated in the first place). When proven wrong by Lowell then the caller would argue (or try to argue) and that’s where Lowell would tell the caller off and hang up on the caller. At times you could tell that Lowell would have wished that he could have told the caller what he really wanted to say but being on the radio he had to swallow what he really wanted to tell the caller. I thought of him of being a sarcastic person but at times he had good reasons to be. I think he was so good at being sarcastic I would say that was his second nature. Now he has left the show and retired. I know he will be missed by a lot of people.

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