Thursday, January 28, 2016

USA - what is and what used to be

A parade float in Germany let's you know what they think of Obama's America.
The USA used to be known as the policeman of the world. It was known for as such for a good reason - they were exactly that. But now this same nation has been degraded and laughed at by the world. Today, it would take a lot of work to bring it back to what it used to be. Not only do the friendly nations and the enemies of the nation laugh at the USA because of what it has become, but even groups like ISIS that are not nations seem to laugh also. To make matters even worse the dirty laundry that’s being shared about the nominees for the presidency of the nation make America look even smaller and more petty.

Reviewing everything that has been reported about Mrs. Clinton, what makes it worse there’s even a hint of the self-appointed King Obama, being in league with her about her lies regarding her unsecured private server. Would he also have known about the type of e-mails that were being sent to it? I suspect so. Now if the FBI has definite proof against her for the type of e-mails that went to it and this is presented to the Attorney General and no charges are brought against Mrs. Clinton (and she is not indicted) then the nations that are not too friendly with the USA will really have a good laugh. Even the friendly ones might lose confidence in the USA if it hasn’t already been lost.

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