Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Donald Trump, is the subject of deliberate misinterpretation.

When I say either misinterpret on purpose or knowingly lying for making an adversary look bad. Here is what I’m talking about. Mr. Trump and what he says has put the radicals Islamist to thinking as how to make him look bad in the eyes of the voters so what to do is create a video as if what Trump was saying was a video that would be good to recruit more radicals and that would discourage some people of voting for him as president.

Those radicals are not stupid by creating a video to make Trump look bad enough. They knew some politicians in the USA would jump on it and twist things around as to make it look as what that type of video was meant to do discourage some people from voting for Trump. Because they are scared of Trump because they realize that they will be in a war if Trump is elected as president. That video is propaganda and the radicals knowing they would get help with the politicians because of how they the politicians will twist every word around to make Trump look bad. It worked no sooner was that video out Trump was accuse of aiding to recruit the radicals according to that video.

I remember who the first one was that accused Trump because of that video and the person knows damn well why that video was made by those radicals. I don’t have the link to video anymore of that person accusing Trump of that, I have no proof and that’s why I didn’t put a name to that person. But that certain person figured that twisting the propaganda around to make it look like it was Trumps fault would help in defeating Trump.

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