Friday, January 17, 2014

Looking at videos.

Looking and videos, I saw this (click the link if the video does not appear for you).

Stop all wars - that is what the president of the USA says he wants to do. So this supposed to be leader, the first war he decides to stop was the Iraq war.  I would say the soldiers who lost their lives and the ones who were wounded but still live (even though some are in bad shape, having lost their legs and/or arms) have seemingly had their sacrifices disregarded pursuit of in his notion.

He also stated that Al-Qaida had been pushed out of Iraq. I wonder if people like him don’t realize that you never walk away from a bunch of killers and torturers. With these sorts of people, the only way to really stop them is to end their miserable lives.  They will not stop simply because America left Iraq.  They will regroup, and they will come back.  They will re-grow and come back at America. In other words, he says the war in Iraq is over, but it isn't really.  Not for Iraqis, nor for Americans.

Now after all the loss of lives and wounds for life, of those that served in that region of the world, really seems to have been for nothing. Al Qaida has came back in Iraq just as strong as ever if not even stronger.

I would like to ask president Obama, if he really conferred with the colonels or generals that fought in that region before stopping this war. I doubt very much that these veterans would have agreed to pulling out of Iraq when they did. These veterans would know that you can’t walk away from this and expect that there won't be consequences later on. They know that if you kill one, more join them. It seems that there is no end to the amount of them that are willing to engage in jihad.

Yes, stopping all wars and the over-use of diplomacy is good protection for those Jihadists, as I see it. That is why I say when this guy’s term is up, I hope the people will elect someone that is aware of how decisions are made on foreign policy and especially when it comes to taking action. Because from all the reports and videos that I watch, I would say that this world is on the brink of a Third World War.  Perhaps it will have a slow build up as Jihadists try to regain their strength and numbers, but there is no visible decline in the root fanaticism that leads to war.

On the other hand, once it gets into full swing, I can safely say that the next war will not linger on for too long. Nuclear weapons will be used (once Iran has them ready) and that will destroy everything and the survivors will suffer and eventually die a painful death.

That is my rant of the day.

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