Friday, January 3, 2014

I hope Putin keeps his promise.

While reading Fox News, I noticed an article about Putin making a promise to annihilate the terrorists after the deadly bombings in Russia. If Putin keeps his promise to annihilate the terrorists after the deadly bombings, it will show the world that he cares about the citizens of his country and that he will not use diplomacy as an excuse to not go after them. I do believe that if he does go after them (and I hope he does), because it appears that every day more and more people are getting killed by these radicals and these groups of radicals seem to be getting bigger and bigger with more and more radicals joining them.

Prior to the supposed to be president that the USA has now, there was a president that did care for his fellow citizens, and he would not hesitate to go after these radicals. Now what do they have? A person that is full of talk and who uses diplomacy as an excuse not to go after them. Also whenever an American citizen would get in trouble in a third world country, the previous presidents would all try their best to get their citizen released. Now there's not a word because it would be all over the news if some kind of help would be on the way.

I have never heard of an administration like this White House being ridiculed and mistrusted by so many nations because of the lies, cover-ups and the deceiving of its citizens every time the president or one of his team open their mouth to make some kind of statement. A lot of people in this White House have lied to please this so-called leader.

I believe the way the leader of the USA is behaving, other nations will turn to Putin whenever they need help with something. I can see Russia becoming more popular then what the USA was in the past. I don’t like to make that kind of statement but fact is fact. For example,  Egypt asking the Russians for help even though it was an ally of the USA. I can say there will be more as long as the USA has the leader that it has now.  Putin is no global hero, or champion of people's rights, so he is not the person people should be turning to for solutions or help.  But in the absence of a strong leader in the White House, there aren't really many other options available.

Midterm elections are coming up and I would say it’s time for the number of democrats to be reduced.  With more seats for the Republicans the president will have to be more accountable for his actions or lack of actions. The Republicans would be in a position to do something about what is going on.

My rant and my opinions of the day.

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