Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Condemning without knowing.

Some people make me sick in their way of making statements, without knowing the true facts of what they are talking about. I would also state that some people can’t tell the difference between smoke and vapor. This is for the ones that can’t tell the difference between smoke and vapor. Well here it is. Smoke is heavy and lingers and vapor after a couple of seconds disappears.

I would like you especially the non-believers of the e-cigarettes, to watch this video above. Then you might see the benefits to a person leaving the tobacco product to start smoking these e-cigarettes.

According to reports the big tobacco companies add 4000 to 5000 chemicals to tobacco cigarettes that are dangerous to your health. But the nicotine that you get in e-cigarettes does not contain those chemicals -- it’s clean. When a person smokes tobacco cigarettes you can really smell the residue of all those chemicals, plus its smoke that come out and not vapor like the e-cigarettes. Yes, if a person smokes say Canadian tobacco (an e-cigarette falvour), you will smell a slight smell of nicotine but it doesn’t linger on as a couples seconds later it’s gone.

Another benefit to smoking those is that you can reduce the strength of nicotine and finally reduce it to nothing except vapor, in which case you have been smoking those for so long that your body finally rids itself of the nicotine and your yearning for smoking as finally left you and better health is on the way. You can order different flavors to be added and if you happen to smell the vapor of these whether it is watermelon, banana or whatever else, you will be able to tell of what fruit the person is evaporating.

The reason it’s called evaporating, is because of the mix. It’s heated by a battery and when a person takes a drag the only thing that comes out is vapor and not smoke. When a person starts smoking those cigarettes and inhales the person gets the same sensation at the back of the throat as if he/she was inhaling the smoke of tobacco.  That is another reason beside the nicotine being a drug that smokers have a lot of trouble quitting the smoking of tobacco.

These days, there are different companies that have products on the market to stop smoking. That is if you don’t have heart problems and most of them are labeled if you have heart problems, consult your doctor before using. I wrote a post not too long ago about e-cigarettes. Read it and you will see why I started to smoke these e-cigarette.  The results I’m getting from them are terrific.  I was a heavy smoker.  I was and also declared dead in the hospital before which was a result of a severe health issue I had that resulted from smoking tobacco cigarettes. You will also read the problems of smoking the tobacco cigarettes I got into.

Now after almost 2 months I haven’t touched nor have a yearning to smoke those tobacco cigarettes and my lungs are getting better.  My kidneys are improving and so is my heart. No more choking in the middle of the night, I don’t choke when I take a deep breath and the coughing fits I used to experience have disappeared.

I would appreciate it and you would be doing yourself a favor if you would check my other rant -- there is also a diagram that show you how the e- cigarettes work.

That is my rant of the day

Have a good day.

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