Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All about beliefs [Part 1 of 2]

When browsing through different internet sites this morning, I happened to see this article about Atheists pushing their agenda. 
American Atheists, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, has started 2014 with an aggressive push, filing a legal challenge to the Ten Commandments displayed on Oklahoma state capitol grounds and taking out billboards in Utah targeting the Mormon faith.

The group is increasingly being joined by other atheist organizations in challenging public displays of religion and demanding equal access for their viewpoint.

For example, administrators with the University of Wisconsin-Extension this month ordered that all 137 of its Gideon Bibles be removed from guest rooms at the campus Lowell Center, after a group composed of "freethinkers: atheists, agnostics, and skeptics of any pedigree" questioned their presence.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) said that since the school was partially funded by public dollars, the placement of the Bibles in visitors' nightstands violated the Constitution because it could be interpreted as a government sponsorship of religion.
 Reading this article, I felt compelled to write what I’m going to write about a couple subjects, one of which I think might offend some people.

First of all, I agree that anything that would suggest any kind of faith should not be on government properties. Government should not be in a position to promote any kind of religion. The government is for the people and many citizens have their own beliefs about the different preaching as to what is and what is not and how the world was created. People have different beliefs about how it all started and the creation of the human species. All these different beliefs in the West at least, derive mostly from different interpretations of the Bible, because of the way it was written.

Now some politicians have made it their business to change some of the laws that are in the Bible. For instance, marriage should be between man and woman only. Some politicians have changed this law into marriage within the same sex which is now allowed in some countries. Changing how a society operates is one thing, but telling people of a certain faith that they must alter their faith is as unfair as putting something of a particular faith on government property.  It is suggestive of a certain way as being more right than others.

Incest. Now this is the one that will offend some people. For this part I’m only writing about what is preached by most Christian religion. Most preachers talk at some point about how the human species was created. Apparently God picked up some dust and blew oxygen on it and man was created. He then took a rib from Adam and created a woman and called her Eve.

Now Adam and Eve lived in a place called the Garden of Eden and they had 2 kids. Specifically, they had 2 boys named Cain and Abel. Now if Adam and Eve only had 2 boys where do the other women come from?  To me it would mean that Eve had to have more than 2 boys but was not impregnated by Adam. And that is where the incest comes in and it’s also the reason why the preachers preach that we are brothers and sisters and that’s why man has made it a law prohibiting incest (which is a good law). As the only law that is in the Bible in fact is a commandment that says “thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.

What I’m getting at, is that it doesn’t matter whom a person marries and you have intercourse you are committing a crime called incest, because according to the Bible we are all brothers and sisters.

There is a belief by a lot of people that kids born out of incest that there would be something wrong with them either mentally or physically. I didn’t believe that before but to see and read and hear what is going around in this world these days I am inclined to believe it.

Either that, or this is one of those interpreting the Bible problems I mentioned above.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of All About Beliefs

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