Friday, November 8, 2013

Woman wearing dangerous weapons

I wonder why any woman can walk around with dangerous weapons and not be stopped. Reading this someone will think that I have lost it. Well I don’t think that I’ve lost it yet, but reading further you will know what I mean by dangerous weapons.

You might know just as well as I do if you have been going to some clubs, you might have noticed that some woman get in brawls just as men do.

Especially the ones after a couple of drinks that have no control after a certain amount of alcohol, they go out of their mind just like some men do. There is a difference in men brawling they have no weapon but most woman like to keep in style and they walk around with those spike shoes those heels are at least 6 inches in some cases.  If someone gets hit on the head hard enough with one of those spiked heel it's almost guaranteed that it would pierce the cap of the skull.

What reminded me of those spike shoes is this: I saw a woman who walked by my place today in high heel shoes. I guess they must have been new to her because she did not seem to be able to walk properly.  I thought I might have to go out there and offer her my cane. Then I figured I'd better not, as I have enough problems health wise without going to the hospital to get one of those spike heels out of my head. The way she was walking I’ll bet she was hoping that she would have put on a pair of proper shoes instead of trying to show off and be stylish. She sure didn’t look to happy. It made me happy just to see a person making an ass of herself just to keep (I would guess) in style. 

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