Wednesday, November 27, 2013


What is the idea behind sunglasses?  My thinking is that the purpose of sunglasses is to wear them when the sun is too bright.  Often in the winter when the sun is barely out the snow, being white, with the sun is shining a little bit it does still irritate the eyes. They call it snowblindness.  Wearing of sunglasses does make sense in those circumstances. Some people though, seem to love sunglasses so much that they give you the impression that they might even sleep with them on.

What prompted me to write on this subject was something from last night. I was sitting at the computer which is next to my front door where I can see people going back and forth. This was around 7:30 P.M.  It's the time of year that at that hour, it's been dark outside for quite a while.  I noticed this man and woman walking along the sidewalk past my house.  I would say their ages were in the range of their 30’s.  As they were walking down the street I noticed that they were both wearing sunglasses and it was pretty dark - no sun, no snow-blindness. Not even  blinding street lights were an excuse to be wearing sunglasses. Nothing.

So why wear those glasses? Do people that do wear sunglasses when it’s not needed think that it makes them look better than what they normally look like? Or perhaps they felt like it makes them more mysterious. Or maybe they need to be incognito and they are thinking that no one would recognize them. Or, are they just plain stupid and don’t know the difference between night and day, or when it’s bright and when its not? 

I would say it's mostly punks that think it makes them look like gangsters.

That’s my rant of the day.

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