Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let that be a lesson to the world.

What a mess the United States is in. Well folks this is what happens when a person is elected as president, simply because of being a good talker and is one who has a big ego. He was and still is inexperienced and in over his big, inflated head.  Since I first heard him giving speeches early in his first run for president, I said to myself this guy means big problems for America. He has proven me (and many others) right by everything he has done so far (and by what he hasn’t done too).

What he did do has weakened the nation.  He has made a laugh of the nation to the rest of the world with all of the lies and scandals and by ignoring the Constitution, in order to do what he wanted. Then by enacting a law called Obamacare, which turned out to be a big disaster, he has weakened it even more. He capped that off by lying about it when things didn’t work out like he said they would. 

What he hasn't done has harmed America too. Using diplomacy as an excuse to not to go after terrorists. Then to top it off, it was Putin from Russia that stopped him from attacking Syria after Obama was telling the reporters that he was going to have to attack Syria and with what and where the attack would come from the ships that were close by. 

Then there is Egypt who also had to turn to Putin for help instead of their traditional ally, the United States. This guy Obama with supposed his intellect, keeps making these major gaffes.  I don’t believe for a second that he’s doing all this without knowing what he is doing. He can't be that blindly ignorant.  To me it really looks like he wants to destroy the USA.  Do you need to look any further for proof than the fact that  he made sure to raise the debt by trillions of dollars? What about the fact that he has weakened the military by extensive cuts to their budget? and what about him saying that the nuclear missiles should be cut down by a third and that would weaken the USA more?

To me this guy continues to be a big danger to the USA.  If all of you in the White House can’t see this, then may God bless the nation that used to be considered a great nation, because your nation is being degraded bit by bit. I even think that the next election is too far away to save the nation. 

let the rest of the world learn a lesson from this - a man who promises everything and delivers nothing of what he said, should never be given the reins of power.

Those are my opinions as to what is going on.

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