Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not getting too many comments.

I'm just not getting to many comments on my posts. Surely what I write can’t be bad enough that I don’t get too many comments? Well here is something I hope will get me some comments and I expect if I do some will be bad, and maybe some will be good ones.

What I would like to see next election get elected if she decides to run and that would be Sarah Palin and as vice President John McCain. This lady I’ve listened to many of her speeches and I will admit that when she emphasizes something in her speeches she has a screeching voice but, that’s beside the point.

When Palin decides to give a speech what she says comes from the heart and not only from the lips; as she tells it as it is and there are no two ways about it. She shows herself to be a real American and I really think that she could be a great leader. I agree she would be new at this, but she seems to have more knowledge of the Constitution and doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would ignore certain parts of the Constitution to satisfy her ego (like Obama, the supposed to be leader).

Besides she did serve as a governor, so she would have a good start not only politically but also with the experience of governing. True, I did read that there was some kind of disagreement while she was serving as governor but from what I read and it was absolutely nothing as bad as what is going on with the present administration.

Mr. McCain seems to be another American at heart. I think he would be good as vice president but he’s the type that would seem to be short on diplomacy; a certain amount of diplomacy would be needed to help America get back on track. I think if there was a president that could hold him back because he is a military man and might be too much in a hurry to use diplomacy and cast it aside - that could cause serious problems.

What the USA needs now is a good leader and to bring back the USA to the reputation that it had tit for tat on the killers of Americans and to make sure that these Jihadist are not protected by diplomacy, like it is at this time.

Those are my opinions of the day.

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